Theroretical Review Book + DVD
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Theroretical Review Book + DVD

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Educational seminar DVD - “Autonomic Function Testing and Level of Physical Fitness based on Heart Rate Variability Analysis”


 Contents/ Disk

1.    Analysis Autonomic Nervous System status for different clinical and physiological conditions

2.    Risk stratification of sudden cardiac arrest based on ANS status and adaptability level

3.    Optimizing beta-blockers therapy based on analysis of sympathetic and parasympathetic activities level

4.    Recognizing the level of pathophysiological development by parasympathetic assessment using a full protocol of Autonomic testing

5.    Evaluating the pathophysiological level of cardiovascular and diabetic autonomic neuropathy, based on autonomic testing

6.    Assessing the effectiveness of any therapy by making a comparison of pre-and-post quantitative measurement of autonomic status

7.    Using Real-Time Autonomic assessment during any testing procedure or any therapeutic interventions  

8.    Validation study result of the Nerve-Express system from Columbia University (attached)

9.    Use a level of physical fitness assessment to optimize training protocol, for overall physiological status and patient management