Seminar DVD Recording + Theoretical Review Book and Validation Study Report

Theoretical Review Hardcopy Book
Educational seminar - “Autonomic Function Testing and Level of Physical Fitness based on Heart Rate Variability Analysis”
 Contents/ Disk

1.    Analysis Autonomic Nervous System status for different clinical and physiological conditions

2.    Risk stratification of sudden cardiac arrest based on ANS status and adaptability level

3.    Optimising beta-blockers therapy based on analysis of sympathetic and parasympathetic activities level

4.    Recognising level of pathophysiological development by parasympathetic assessment using full protocol of Autonomic testing

5.    Evaluating pathophysiological level of cardiovascular and diabetic autonomic neuropathy, based on autonomic testing

6.    Assessing the effectiveness of any therapy by making comparison of pre-and-post quantitative measurement of autonomic status

7.    Using Real-Time Autonomic assessment during any testing procedure or any therapeutic interventions  

8.    Validation study result of the Nerve-Express system from Columbia university (attached)

9.    Use level of physical fitness assessment to optimize training protocol, for overall physiological status and patient management