This method do not require any Questionnaire, only R-R intervals derived from 24-h ECG data stream. The system automatically analysis Spectral function of R-R intervals variability ( not Heart Rate variability at all ) calculated Sympathetic/ Parasympathetic activity level as average value for each of the 24 hours. Sleep quality calculated by analysis of SNS/PSNS changes during 24-h with test result as follow: - Sleep duration , - Sleep Consistency, - Sleep Effectiveness, Sleep Deepness and final Sleep Quality Index with written interpretation. Please see some example of the test result below.

Sleep can be subdivided on
two major types;

1. Organic sleep,
means Healthy sleep without using any medication or substances.

2. Controlled Sleep,
where is the most typical cases are: Anesthesia, when Sleep controlled by special medications, different Sleep Medicine and some times it's related with the people who unconsciously controlled their
Sleep using alcoholic beverages or even some narcotics substances.
Unfortunately, we have no sleep study with such population, except some experiments
with drug abuse people. Actually, we find drug abuse people with almost totally damaged Autonomic receptors and as result such people demonstrated significantly decreased levels of SNS as well as PSNS activity levels. It means Sleep time in such cases can be recognized in moderately (-2) or even significantly (-3) decreased SNS activity levels.

By our system we concentrated on the ORGANIC SLEEP, means we are target to recognized automatically Organic Sleep during specifically 24-h time period, even in case if we got data collected during multiply 24-h like 48-h, 72-h, 96-h or 120-h we analyzed this data by separate segments of only 24-h. Plus we take time segments usually from 12 noon until 12 noon next day, to avoid situation usually related with Sleep controlled by some substances like Alcohol or narcotics, because in such cases sleep can be continuously transferred from one 24-h segment to another without any order, because Organic Sleep in most of the cases provided in some order.  


We discussed about it to clarify
that we are target to recognize Organic Sleep time and based on it create some imagination
of overall Health, which can help patients carefully organize their life style to increase Sleep Quality and as result overall health. 

24-h R-R intervals data collected by FIRSTBEAT BodyGuard 3 device applied on the chest by using 2 disposable electrodes. See pictures below. Extra BodyGuard 3 device can be ordered from our site.

DIGITAL-HEALTH platform for Functional and Integrative medicine ! NERVE-EXPRESS version 7.5 with import patients test data from CLOUD

This system structure contain 3 components:

1. iPhone App - Stress&Wellness used by patients themself. NOTE: Stress&Wellness provide the same information as the Nerve-Express;

2. CLOUD - located on company PORTAL where patients data from iPhone, automatically stored ;

3. New Nerve-Express version 7.5 with option - Import from CLOUD. All patients data automatically imported into the Nerve-Express Data Base with possibility to calculate and printout.

below is link to Portal
CLOUD and Distributors PORTAL

This new Nerve-Express system is also preinstalled on the Tablet PC Surface 3. This product is ready to go, just start use it without any installation requirements and related problems. There is only 4 pieces of hardware:

1. Tablet PC

2. Polar belt H9

3. Meditech ABPM-05 Blood Pressure device (sold separately )

4. Authorization key - MARX

New design and new technological breakthrough - direct Polar belt connection by Bluetooth to the Tablet PC.

Option for 24-hr autonomic monitor to recognize sleep quality by extra device bodyguard 2 (sold separately) also included.

Full new system version 7.5 pre installed on a Tablet PC with Real-Time Blood Pressure monitoring; cost is $3900

NERVE-EXPRESS Version 7.6.1 preinstalled on a Tablet PC with Blood Pressure option (Blood Pressure device sold separately)

NERVE-EXPRESS Version 7.6.1 preinstalled on a Tablet PC with Blood Pressure option (Blood Pressure device sold separately)

Regular price $3,900.00
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What is Nerve Express Testing?

Clusterization of the relationship between SNS and PSNS status

This technological breakthrough is achieved by using proprietary algorithms and a new approach based on one of the leading theories of Artificial Intelligence - Marvin Minsky's Frame Theory. Nerve-Express objectively and reliably evaluates the state of ANS in "real-time" (up to 24 hours) as well as during Orthostatic test and Valsalva maneuver combined with Deep Breathing. Due to its highly sophisticated HRV analysis, Nerve-Express is the only system that enables quantification of 81 ANS states with a corresponding qualitative description for each one.  See US patent 7,826,892  B2              

Valsalva Maneuver combined with Deep breathing

 The algorithms used by Nerve-Express have been developed and tested for over twenty five years in studies involving more than  twenty thousand patients . Nerve-Express implements a battery of three tests as the most  comprehensive and informative combination of tests for ANS  purposes:

1. Orthostatic test as the initial method for ANS provocation;

2. Valsalva maneuver combined with Deep Breathing as the optimal method for revealing the hidden abilities of the Autonomic function and distinguishing between chronic and temporary abnormalities;

3. Real-time Nerve-Monitor test as the ultimate method for ANS assessment in long-term therapy, continuous monitoring (especially, under anesthesia/intensive care), research and experimentation. Real-Time assessment may be conducted on a single patient as well as on two patients simultaneously for psychological purposes for instance: as a lay detector or psychological adaptation between crew members.   

Orthostatic intervention (lying to standing test).