Below please see link to our PORTAL where patients data from iPhone App  Fitness Score and Stress&Wellness automatically stored. Doctors/fitness professionals can see this tests data in the CLOUD as well as import it in to the Nerve-Express 7.5 if patient/client properly indicate trusted doctors name in the iPhone App. Also we are welcome distributors to promote our Fitness Score iPhone app as well as Stress&Wellness and receive 50% revenue from monthly subscription..

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Fitness Score App can revolutionize approach for Fitness training by stimulating clients to reach better Fitness Score result, if they follow Fitness professionals’ recommendations, moreover now it’s very convenient online using our PORTAL, because clients can test themselves and Fitness trainer see his test result in the CLOUD. This approach is realized Digital Fitness idea. 

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1. Stress&Wellness

Please use the following link to view and download or open Stress&Wellness 

NOTE: To use Stress&Wellness application you must have Polar belt
( H6, H7, H9 or H10 ), which can be ordered on this site follow link



When we are talking about Stress we simple mention about increasing Heart Rate and adrenal activity, which is usually  normal physiological activity, but real clinical stress (Distress by Hans Selye - former director Canadian Institute of Stress ) associated with some pathological condition or even Fear. 

The difference between Normal physiological Stress and Distress ( by Hans Selye ) is Parasympathetic activity level. In case of Normal Physiological Stress - Parasympathetic (PSNS ) activity is positive means increased, but in case of Clinical Stress - Negative, means decreased.

High  Clinical Stress affect immune system and decrease it's functioning, as result this is the Risk to be affected by any viruses includes COVID.

This test is based on analysis of R-R intervals Variability during combined protocol of Supine, Upright and Sitting positions with Deep Breathing.

After the first part of this protocol – changes from Supine to Upright position - Fitness Score and current stress and wellness levels are assessed. In some cases during first part of this test, there is possible to see some interpretations.

NOTE: Test interpretation is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or medically-related problems. There is mostly physiological issues.

The Second part of this protocol – analysis of changes between Normal Breathing (Supine position) and Deep Breathing (Sitting position) - can recognize the reserve of Autonomic function and ability to reduce Stress level.  On the first screen below, when person Stand-Up (Green point ) it's came almost to the red zone ( High Stress Zone ), but the 2nd screen shown great reserve this person with the Parasympathetic function, which means this person can easy compensate such Stress by Parasympathetic ability.






Fitness assessment is based on a simple 3-4 minute lying-to-standing test combined with Deep Breathing. This test provides a measurement of the level of Physical Fitness based on analysis of R-R intervals Variability (HRV).  What is R-R intervals Variability? Our heart rate is constantly fluctuating, and the intervals between each R-wave ( on ECG ) vary in length. These fluctuations in known as R-R intervals Variability.  Assessment based on Spectral analysis of R-R intervals variability is scientifically proven to monitor functional integrity of the body and give an accurate fitness evaluation.

  • Evaluate your initial fitness level
  • Monitor progress of your fitness training program
  • Notice any changes to the fitness condition
  • Immediately interpret test results
  • Can be used by any individual ranging from athlete to sick and elderly, as well as personal   trainers and exercise physiologists

  Parameters for Fitness Score Assessment (see fitness chart)

Functional Capacity: Levels 1 - 13

  • From highest (1) to lowest (13)

Adaptability Levels 1 – 7

  • From highest (1) to lowest (7)

 The Fitness Score

Our fitness depends on the ability to mobilize the body's resources in response to physical stress.

The fitness score is a combination of Functional capacity and Adaptability levels. Functional capacity is a fitness score component that reflects how well one's body functions as a whole system. It is an indicator of general well-being, and may vary in response to stress and changes in lifestyle.

Adaptability is a measure of efficiency of the cardiovascular system in response to physical activity.

The “stronger” one's cardiovascular system the higher is the level of adaptability. Adaptability can significantly improve with the right exercise program as well as with diet. 


 If the fitness score is at the lowest levels of functional capacity and adaptability (within the red zone on the fitness chart), this is a warning sign and needs immediate attention. The individual should not exercise on the day when such a result is detected and is advised to consult a fitness or health care professional before engaging in any physical activity.


Heart Rate Measuring Devices:

  • POLAR H7, H10 or H6  Bluetooth SMART (BLE) belt or 60 beat Bluetooth SMART

(BLE) belt around the chest - for iPhone 4S and higher models as well as iPod 4th generation or higher and iPad mini.

 For more detailed information and user guide of Fitness Score please CLICK HERE to download.